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How to submit a cemetery report

If you have found a cemetery that is NOT listed with the Louisiana Cemetery Board as an ACTIVE cemetery and that contains graves 50 years of age or older, and is unkept, abandoned or neglected or otherwise UNKNOWN, a  report should be filed with the Regional Louisiana Dept. of Archaeology, the Louisiana Attorney General, and the local Sheriffs office. You may find a list of contacts here. Recent updates to Louisiana cemetery law require reporting within 72 hours.

If the cemetery is ACTIVE and is accepting burials, then it falls under the jurisdiction of the Louisiana Cemetery Board. The Louisiana Cemetery Board can be contacted online, in addition to the local police, Sheriff, and Louisiana Attorney Generals office.

The online form for submission through Louisiana Cemetery Preservation website can be found here or you may send an email to
  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Please answer as many of the following questions as possible when making a submission via email:
  • Cemetery Name    
  • Parish    
  • Driving directions    
  • Condition description    
  • Earliest record    
  • Your name, address, email    
  • Organization    
  • Todays date    
  • Alternate cemetery name    
  • GIS GPS Location    
  • Does the cemetery have a sign?    
  • Is the cemetery access road public or private?    
  • Are burial records available?    
  • Source of burial records:    
  • Source of photo:    
  • Approximate number of internments    
  • Overall condition of markers    
  • Most common surnames found
  • Other comments

See examples: Saving Graves Louisiana Archived Reports.

*Updated the Resource Links to include current and archived reports for Louisiana Cemetery Preservation.
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