Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kenner and Kugler Cemeteries

Louisiana Cemetery Preservation
Click the link above to read about Kenner and Kugler Cemeteries from the Louisiana National Register. There is also a news link (posted full article) from March 2008 by Shonna Riggs.

The register lists this cemetery as being in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana near Norco. USGS does not list this cemetery or I have overlooked it in their massive database. USGS does list Norco and Goodhope or Good Hope as a name variant. This may or may not pertain to the history of these cemeteries.

A few quotes from the news article:

"We are in the process of updating a master plan and working with the descendants of these families," he said. "We're considering putting in a memorial to develop more of the cultural aspect to let people know just what took place in this part of the river."
- Chris Brantley, biologist and spillway operations manager.

"Brantley says the tombstones and caskets are under several feet of sediment."

"There are markers there letting people know there's a cemetery in the spillway," he said "We keep both sites maintained."

I believe that comments have closed concerning the master plan on January 30, 2009. The Natchitoches Preservation Ning posted a link to the PDF file.
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